Matt Maltese ‘Madhouse’ : Un-hinge our consciousness for a time. Consistently weighed heavy.


Matt Maltese offers his new EP ‘madhouse’. A similarly home-brewed affair to his previous outing, Matt took on most of the production duties on the EP – with additional contributions coming from Jonathan Rado (Weyes Blood, Whitney, Father John Misty), who produced Matt’s 2018 debut record Bad Contestant, and Ben Baptie (Rex Orange County).

His songs, darkly presented, are about salvation, or at least the possibilities of salvation- from oneself, from others, from situations. It’s the will to get there, if you really wanted. Matt’s take on the subjects of his songs are unique and masterful. His vocals just un-hinge our consciousness for a time – and it’s a joy to listen.

Themes like the banality and loneliness of life have consistently weighed heavy.

That’s what it’s all about.


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