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Matt Maltese – Comic Life

Matt Maltese’s Comic Life makes one look inside, upside down, ‘what if’. A touch get you distorted, into what real kind of life we all can live. How despicable. How challenging. How predictably sad and happy it can be. His work is a work of art.

We love it.

We’d been a fan since getting to know Matt a bit after we featured his “As The World Caves In”, on our Instagram account. That song, as this one does, drew our blood out, willingly, recklessly – it made us go to another place.

‘Comic Life’, just like his a lot of his other work, seems to be about a dark place – a place we cannot escape and stuck, spinning our wheels. But it’s the opposite.

His songs, darkly presented, are about salvation, or at least the possibilities of salvation- from oneself, from others, from situations. It’s the will to get there, if you really wanted.

It could be there for the taking.

It would disappear, though, if the will would wain.

Don’t let it wain. Don’t let it shrivel up.

Don’t you give up.

Matt’s take on the subjects of his songs are unique and masterful. His vocals just un-hinge our consciousness for a time – and it’s a joy to listen.

We’ve always dug his work. You should too.

He’s rep’ed by Triptik.



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