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Matt Reagan // Amille // Benedict Cork // HYYTS // Lye Marlow

Matt Reagan – Know You Well

Stylish and future-forward, the guitar and vocal work of MATT REAGAN is beautiful to listen to. Starting with his debut EP ‘Leavenworth’ in 2015, Matt has steadily garnered the respect that we all can hear within his body of work. Pop progressions and transcendental guitar licks, glimmer in the shine of the dawn, as Matt’s vocal affections never leave your side. The well adorned winner of big awards including ‘2016 Artist of The Year’ (Anchor Music News), the perennial talent keeps us on a balance between the world of indie and stadium fitting jazz tinged genres. Matt’s performance of ‘Know You Well’ is a cross between the current pop bands of The National, with the guitar love of ol’ school axe heroes like Eric Johnson. Quite a sight to witness. This is Matt’s solo ambition and to us, it feels very much at home becoming an ever bigger production. We hope so.

Amille – Detox

Who’s never had a bad relationship?? Almost all, no? AMILLE has. And in her single ‘Detox’ she calls out her life-style that was. From the one who seemed to have loved back, just not having the right of way and never convincing all the way through. Too bad. But for us listeners, it’s a win-fall! The single is a juxtaposition of digital ambitions with the analog detriment of biological challenges for us humans. AMILLE’s alluring vocals enhance the tale of two cities (persons) and keeps us invested, just enough to hate the situation and not the souls involved. AMILLE stated: “’Detox’ is a song about a relationship that has devoured you, and gradually wears you down. Like an unhealthy diet, you’ve been seduced by the sugary quick fixes, and you’re now crashing down, whilst barely recognizing yourself anymore. You need to distance yourself – or detox – in order to start loving or liking each other again. If the relationship is to have any chance of survival or repair, some time out is sometimes the only choice left to make.” Heavy. Heavy, indeed.

Benedict Cork – Funny How Things Change

Every time we listen to BENEDICT CORK, at certain times we dream up the images of the fabulous Maxwell. The tone, and the colors colored by Benedict’s vocals is so vivid and as thick as the milky way. Not any different in this single ‘Funny How Things Change’. Sensational performance by Benedict has garnered much praise from mega celebrities to other outlets. There is a reason why. The simple and direct, lyrically focused singles are hard to pass over listeners, but as he’s always done, Benedict comes through with flying shimmer in this single. He came into the scene officially with his first EP ‘Piano Tapes’ in 2018. The EP is a gem and turned heads. It sure did us. The journey continues with this dynamic talent into 2019. Recently he’d supported Brit Award winner Tom Walker and Grammy nominated Emily King. Keep on watching this space as Benedict is on his way, to the stars. Maxwell would approve.

HYYTS – Car Crash Carnivore

Soulful textures are what HYYTS are all about. Multi-genres work for their aims as presenters of music that delight. ‘Car Crash Carnivore’ delights like rainbow. And just like a rainbow in a summer afternoon, it brings smiles to anyone who looks at it. HYYTS bring smiles to the world. Glasgow Scotland based band, keeps the deft in lyrical attitudes with this single, as the walls of noise frame with delicacy and dexterity. Adam’s falsetto is as soaring and penetrating as always. And when he hits the hiphop rhymes, the stars take a step back to bow for the duo’s intrinsic decadence and bravado. “Car Crash Carnivore is a warning to all the shape-shifters and monsters that live among us and try to blend in,” said the duo. “We wanted all the creatures that lurk in the shadows of show business and politics to know that we’re on to them and there’s no price for our souls”. Fans of the likes of Jungle and MNEK will feel at home here.” Sam and Adam started making music since 2015 as a duo. And we’re all better for it.

Lye Marlow – Blindsided

LYE MARLOW stated: “‘Blindsided’ is the aftermath of being in a relationship with someone who raises the stakes, only to pull them out from under you. It’s a self-empowering, ‘screw you’ song that’s meant to be a mechanism for moving forward after being completely ‘blindsided’.” LYE will eat you alive. If you’re not careful. Be careful. But don’t be careful. If you’re too careful, you won’t enjoy the other-worldly talent and expressive desires of what ‘Blindsided’ offers. The alt-pop primal screams – under toned on design, and radical in vibes – grip in haste, the overdone emotions of you and your secrets. Lye is here to dig them out of you. “You have no business saying that…” she explores in this single, as the industrial roar of the propulsion bass and percussive adorations, scrape your back with unadulterated pleasure. Lye is based in New York City. And because of her music, and what her music does/could represent, we’re proud that she’s one of our own area’s own. You should be too. You know you wanna.


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