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Matt Scott Drops New EP ‘Whoever That Is​.​.​.’ Perfect For Impermanent Blue Days Of Summer.

Matt Scott is a Kilmarnock, Scotland Singer-Songwriter who just wants to make you happy. Through his songs, the infections of good folk and Americana styles flow through those Scottish boots of his. His latest offering (dropped in March) is the 4 song EP ‘Whoever That Is…’ The EP sets up for the star single ‘Love Me Honey Love’.

Summers can be long.

Relationships can be long.

Both can be hard.

Why not go through it together?

Scott’s vocals and acoustic guitar work, combined with the resonance of the lyrics, wrap your ears in classic fuzzy feelings. But surely, the representation and presentation of the songs, can have ever slight edge to them, and have the songs have the lyrical ‘bite’ that a performance the audience deserve.

It’s hard to fathom. It’s harder to grasp.

His evolution in thought and philosophy is evident in his starting from his past album ‘Stairway Songs from Hillfoot Avenue, Rutherglen’, through to the current day – Brooding makes way to an attitude of ‘Brooding With A Positivity Towards The New Day’.


His influences are strong. With music heroes such as Dylan, Springsteen, Waits, and Miller. Quite a list for sure, and can’t blame for it. They are icons for a reason, right?

It all comes down to what you do with your learned skills. And Scott does it spades with what his talents and those icons have taught him about music and connecting with the fans, through the outputs.

Certain entertainment and fun, is guaranteed.

We’re fans.

Buy his albums [HERE]


Tracks List:
Whenever It Is Lost
Love Me Honey Love
You Cried
I Was Out All Night


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