Matt Shill Shares ‘Running Cold’. “Love’s predictable fickleness.”

Off of his latest LP ‘Don’t Find Me’, comes MATT SHILL’s beautifully presented single ‘Running Cold’. A decadent approach to love and what is missing from the overarching vision of companionship and un-abounding desire for paradise.

And sometimes that affirmation of the ultimate love and commitment, is lost, in one breath.

Consequences is as deeply embedded inside his single, as much as the commentary in the concept of love’s predictable fickleness. The source for all of the happiness and completeness is torn away, without a moment’s notice, to bring a small city of chaos and vulgarity to the hearts of the owners. A plight, that will forever be ‘written in stone’ for infinity.

“This song is about my best friend who died of an overdose and we later found out that his girlfriend was pregnant,” added Matt.

Majesty of life is a double edged sword.

No resolution of satisfaction resides for the subject of Matt’s song. But there surely can be a witness to the difficulty.

And that is a noble and kind way to start.

Matt’s album is available now.



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