Matt Taylor ‘The Breath Within Your Chest’ : Examines and delegates danceable pop.

Matt Taylor

“There was a lot I didn’t get to say because everything went upside-down so quickly, I wanted to use this song to get those things out. The lyrics are quite uncertain, I’m constantly going back and forth, and it’s confusing because I know there’s a problem but I don’t want to give it up.”

Brighton based pop artist Matt Taylor finds beauty in madness through his new EP and lead single, ‘The Breath Within Your Chest’.

Matt opens through his new single in the midst of an argument with a former lover. A frantic back and forth of uncertainty in the relationship but not wanting to give up serves as the basis of the heartfelt, but energetic single.

Beautiful in sight and of mind, the glimpses of perfection, gets in the way of what could have been. In light of the best of human behaviors, Matt successfully examines and delegates danceable pop, to an aggressively decadent offering of personality.

Originally a singer-songwriter, Matt Taylor found his sound evolve into a new realm in 2019 when he released his first official single, ‘Cut You Off’. Drawing inspiration from Julia Michaels, Tove Styrke and Max Martin, Matt creates music that expresses sympathetic topics with unapologetically honest lyrics.

‘The Breath Within Your Chest’ LP is out now.

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Okay so with just 2 days until Breath is out, I am having the best type of emotional meltdown because I just love this EP so much. Even with all the stress (especially earlier in the year, wtf 2020), delays and cancellations I’m still just so happy that this is gonna be out there 💛. Some extra good news is that you’ll be able to hear Breath (the single) a day early as it’s being premiered on @realrealclout tomorrow (wow), and I also get to embarrass myself on a Livestream with them at 6pm 💃. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the support, it’s been amazing and I hope you love the EP just as much as I do 💕. – #newmusic #pop #popmusic #music #matttaylor – 📸: @neilfdunne

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