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Matthew Rapp // Isak Thomas and The Stoop Boys // Bellhouse // Phil Vine // Victory Jones

Matthew Rapp – This Is How

Henderson, Nevada based electro/chill-pop singer/songwriter MATTHEW RAPP returns to us at CHF with another tune of love and intrigue. ‘This Is How’ is Matthew’s own time of feeling ‘lost, unappreciated’ and ‘unaccepted’ in his personal life. You can say that though this single, it was a step for himself in accepting how the present was, then requiring to do something about it. A very large wall of challenges to hurdle, for sure. But with sheer guts and determination, it seems Matthew has conquered his personal demons, in a way fitting of his character. And we dig that.

Isak Thomas and The Stoop Boys – Different

‘Different’, in a twist, just reminded us of the classic novel ‘Flowers For Algernon’, for some odd reason. We scratched our heads. But the entrance of r&b and jazzy keys made us feel that way. We assume the magic of this single, of course starts with Isak’s vocals, denounced and demure, but cast from the fires of experience and hardships, it electrifies without unnecessary drama. But just as we said, the song is of the tragedy, depicted in the classic novel, and that niggling feeling we felt never leaves, each time we listen to it. Simply, the song is intriguing, mysterious, dynamic (in its own way), and delectable to the emotional depths. Weird huh? It’s just glorious, if you ask us.

Bellhouse – Coping

The sparkle sheen never forgets BELLHOUSE’s songs. ‘Coping’ is exactly that and it adds to the significance of the band’s truest chimes and lyrical strength. Eternal and cosmic, BELLHOUSE rides the pop electro rollercoaster, on top of the beautiful keys to a place of primary colors in love’s awards.
BELLHOUSE is Emma-Lee Andersson and she explains: “I think what makes it so powerful is that behind all that suffering and hopelessness is an insight that it’s just temporary, that it’s okay not to be okay and that everything will be alright.” Powerful words from a songwriter of sage-like gravitas.

Phil Vine – Heaven

PHIL VINE takes us on a synth-wave driven 80/90’s lyrical trip of personal angst and challenges. With a booming chorus that excites every part of your world, the world of neon spread wide and deep, as the likes of a love song like ‘Heaven’ settles in. Encompassing the irrepressible vocals of Phil, the song is just a winner from all fronts, with classic arrangements, framed in the best of traditions of soft-rock, we’re won over. Like we’ve come out of our high-school graduation, our senses return to a similar place of delight and fond memories. PHIL VINE, you’ve done it again.

Victory Jones – Burning Bridges

VICTORY JONES is refreshing as heck. So tight in her presentation, so daring in her songs, she defines what – in our heads – what we deem to be a crowning direction for what pop could be. The powerhouse singer/songwriter drives with laser sharp vocals and pop verses that just stir the emotions to action. Co-produced by Shamir Relé: “‘Burning Bridges’ is about being in a place of emotional purgatory. A transitional and painful growth period, when someone is grappling with something difficult, before they make a decision to sacrifice their old life for a new one and hit a breakthrough..” Just delicious. Look for more of VICTORY in the new year.


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