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Mattress Food Shares ‘Burn Yr Idols’. “Refresh Yourself. Eat Your MF Pill.”

MATTRESS FOOD is refreshing. Like a big juicy grapefruit, it is a taste that needs time to grow on you. But when you need a fast and earnest shot of Vitamin C, then this is where you need to be. Because vitamin C is good for you. It’s good for your whole body to function properly. If it’s missing, or low in circulation (that means you’re malnourished, FYI) you get deficiencies like Scurvy. And you (or any of us) want that happening.

Yea. The interesting vocal of Sami Rahman can be a big pill to swallow, but it helps you fight that nasty deficiency.

And again, yea. The band might be just blazing through their song like garage-pop-rock bands always should, it doesn’t mean it’s not relevant.

No. MATTRESS FOOD is what they are and so very much ‘relevant.

They are here to make music better, and we agree with their focus.

In the single ‘Burn Yr Idols’ the demonstration for such an aim, is evident. In all seriousness they tackle the notion of ‘toxic behaviors’ (racism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, transphobia, etc).

Those ‘toxic behaviors’ in social interactions, are definitely trash.

So, be refreshed. Eat that huge grapefruit. And take that multi-vitamin named MATTRESS FOOD.

A body cleanse like this will do your body good.

This mischievous band consists of: Sami Rahman, Wallace Gerdy, Paul O’Connell, Adam Figurelle-drums.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.



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