Matty Ride ‘Sugar On The Side’ : Fun journey in that indelible American jazz/songbook vibe.

Matty Ride

“I’ve always loved how songs back in the day had a way of ‘saying it, without quite saying it’,” said Matty Ride. ” There was always another way to describe lovin’ in a funny, tongue in cheek kind of way. It’s almost as if they would be telling you with a wink “you know what I’m talking about”.

Nashville’s Matty Ride brings the worlds of John Pizzarelli and Harry Connick Jr, into another level of interpretive American jazz and songbook vibe in ‘Sugar on The Side’. And on this journey, all of the weight of the world slides off of those shoulders and you fly into an unknown existence for just a few minutes.

Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Matty Ride grew up in the very stomping grounds and hometown of Bing Crosby. It’s there that his love for the great singers of the American Songbook such as Nat King Cole, Sinatra and of course Bing Crosby, took hold.


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