Matu ‘Strawberry Winds’ : Maneuvers into a throng of notes that describe the longing, angst, and challenges.


“‘Strawberry Winds’ is a song about a very particular situation that happened to me,” said Matu, “but if i had to put it into words it would be about a person who you loved, tricking you into believing that she loved you back..”

24 year old singer songwriter from Patagonia, Argentina, Matu started writing songs 5 years ago in English and not in Spanish because “I felt very self conscious about what I was saying if I did otherwise. By writing in English it was a lot easier for me to write about whatever I wanted and be 100% honest in my music. I think this still applies, so here we are.”

Does not matter what the affect or reason for Matu’s musical direction. For whatever the energies that the universe exudes, Matu’s grace and pleasure for story telling, maneuvers into a throng of notes that describe the longing, angst, and challenges that we all can relate towards.

Honesty indeed.


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