Maude Latour ‘Furniture’ : For the sake of the impending future horizon, she preaches warmth and happiness.

Maude Latour

Moving pop forward is Maude Latour. Truth. The NYC based artist’s new single ‘Furniture’ is an alt-pop sweetums and it successfully bops into the uneven cracks of your heart to make you smile.

“The song became itself when it became the anthem that I needed,” said Maude. “I remember waiting outside on a cold November morning to accidentally run into my ex. I was blasting this song, and suddenly I felt invincible. He and I had a conversation, we both cried, and he started to walk away. I was sitting on the steps to the library at Columbia University, watching him look back once more. But for the first time I wasn’t crushed as he walked away. I had a secret. I had this song. I put my headphones in and laid down on the concrete stairs. I started blasting the song and crying and laughing at the same time. This song was my healing, this was me. I hadn’t lost myself. Here I was, writing my world, writing my existence into the history of humanity, nothing was lost, nothing was in vain. This song hasn’t lost any of its power to me.”

Self accepting. Self adjusting. Self mending. A strong emotional response is where Maude is all about. A person of grit and assumptions for wonder, she combines forces of doubt and challenges into notes of celebration and calm excellence. To bring out the best, for the sake of the impending future horizon, she preaches warmth and happiness.

No use sulking now. Let’s get on.

Maude is currently studying psychology and political science at Columbia University and plans “to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration”.



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