Maude Latour ‘One More Weekend’ : “We were breaking up for the summer but we had no idea where we stood.”

Maude Latour

The NYC-based artist Maude Latour churns out tracks that are heady, dance-worthy, and catchy.

Maude brings something to the genre we’ve yet to see. The danceable confessional is Maude’s specialty – pouring her heart and soul out for the world to hear and pairing it with fresh, buoyant and addicting production. Anchored by silvery vocals and emotional lyrics, the juxtaposition of lyrics tackling the loss of a love and the cathartic and anthemic chorus keep you on your toes. This is a song you blast in your car, your room, or a packed stadium and you can’t help but feel the emotional release packed into every word as you sing it out.

Said Maude: “‘One More Weekend’ started off as the first verse– I wrote these lines while sitting next to my (now) ex. I was in love, these lyrics were everything I wanted to say. It was a weekend in May that will still be on repeat. At the time, the song was a jumble– we were breaking up for the summer but we had no idea where we stood, and the early versions of the song reflected that conflicting, all-over-the-place chaos.

‘One More Weekend’ is the second single from Maude’s upcoming album, which is a sonic shift for the 20-year-old.

Known for her bubbly and intoxicating sound, this new body of work takes that to a new level as Maude continues to evolve as an artist and young woman.


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