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Mauno Shares ‘Take Care’ Off Of Upcoming New Album ‘Really Well’, As Tour Continues.

Henri Cousteau

The ever popular duo project of MAUNO delivers another quaint, cute, understated, and fabulous single in ‘Take Care’.

“‘Take Care’ is a play on words — it’s about caregiving as a woman, and also about saying goodbye,” Eliza Niemi stated. “It is about filling the role of taking care of someone and self-identifying through that, while simultaneously resenting the expectation of having to do so. The chorus begins hinting at waiting for a relationship to finally feel reciprocal, and ends with the reveal of me actually waiting for it to fall apart / knowing all along that it was doomed.”

Nick Everett and Eliza Niemi takes thoughtful indie-rock goodness oddly timed vocal lyrics, the song is dipped in a staggered arrangements of indignant attitudes. It absorbs the leaked liquid of life, like Bounty kitchen paper towels, the beautifully and instinctively wrings out in particular steps in musical delivery. Boppy at times, with the whole of the song driving a fist full of lessons, it charms like no one’s business.

Your ‘business’ that is.

Off of their upcoming new album ‘Really Well’, expect more of this fascination of a style to hit you in the chin on August 2nd.

‘REALLY WELL SUMMER TOUR’ continues on for MAUNO as you an see them next on July 12th at Bootleg Theater – Bar Stage in Los Angeles.



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