Max Benjamin ‘Storming The Bastille’ : Wonderment of ‘what-if’. He can explore that arena, with gritty assertion.

Max Benjamin

“The first track from my upcoming debut EP ‘The Absurd’ (July 24th), ‘Storming The Bastille’ was inspired by these recent times we’re living through, the song is a call to stand up, take control and resist the injustices before you that you may otherwise let play out.

With influences from Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Childish Gambino, David Bowie, Foals, Jack White, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Royal Blood, Tom Petty and U2 – “I’m constantly working to craft and refine my own writing and production style,” said Max.

“In hard times, take control of what you can control, let go of what can’t, and have decency for your fellow humans who are going through their own struggles. The Absurd is informed by the work of writers and philosophers Albert Camus and Alain de Botton. The tracks (on the album) reflect on the ideas explored in Camus’ book La Peste. Camus presents a compelling but very matter-of-fact account, in a story of those who join forces in an unheroic manner to defy terror and resist against a seemingly uncontrollable evil.”

Wonderment of ‘what-if’ is where Max propels. In his songs, he can explore that arena, with gritty assertion.


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