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Max Collier Shares ‘Trouble Sleeping In’. “Looking at priorities and distractions, as they should be.”

Off of his ‘Narcoleptic Insomniac’ EP, MAX COLLIER, dutifully carries for us all of the stresses of life, love, and all the nitty gritty in between – off of our hurt shoulders. At least for a few moments with ‘Trouble Sleeping In’.

With iconic Orbison-like Americana/pop-rock vibes, the incandescent adoration for the things that are mundane, embrace our belonging hearts – recognizing once again how precious each minute could be.

“This song was written after a rough break up,” expanded Max, “and it addresses my inability to no wake up at 4-5am every morning and being forced to sit with my thoughts until the sun came up and I could actually do something to distract me. A lot of the writing for this song was done around 6am under the light of my laptop with my cheap 12-string guitar.”

With melodies that will melt the coldest of winters, ‘Trouble Sleeping In’ is a wrangling of self defiance, into a truce of sorts. And with that peach, you’re reset to focus, once again, looking at priorities and distractions, as they should be.

Kudos indeed.



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