MAX LAWRENCE Shares ‘Float’. Debut EP ‘CHLOROPHYLL’ Drops February 2019.

Intimate and soulful is what Melbourne artist MAX LAWRENCE epitomizes. His delicate aura in voice and attitude towards the subject matter at hand, decides on the faculties of your heart – in the name of her, him, our will.

Max’s single ‘Float’ is exactly of that demure but powerfully supported, lyrical enterprise. It delves into the fascinating world of producing words, connected to individual premises, and painting with a falsetto voice, in big swoops of emotions. A song about the ‘beauty of nature’, the gloriously expressed words to the background of sounds, melt all notions to a fulfilling brim.

The dense textures of his songs, is a tunnel ride with expectations of coming out of the darkness, with minimal of hurt or scar. It’s the secret prayer for the powers that be, even if we don’t believe.

We believe, though, in Max.

He is that which can answer your prayers.

Debut EP “CHLOROPHYLL” (produced by GOLDNOIR) is coming our way, dropping in February 2019.

Go get ’em Max.



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