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Max Lawrence Shares ‘Icarus’. He’s A Beautiful Line, In This Glorious Of Existence.

Don’t look at me that way. Don’t fall for me. I don’t think I can handle it. You mean the world to me, and having such a childlike trepidation for a possibility in losing you. I can’t. Don’t let me. Don’t let go. Love me.

Dancing at the footsteps of the grand dramatics of the world’s history, I beg the Gods of lore and fate for the good – help me. Help me love you. Help me not fall for you.

Help me fall for you.

MAX LAWRENCE is special. To us and to his fans. He’s a dancer on the wisps of your dreams and drives your heart into the vastness that is life. He makes our life just that better, for a moment, and then some. He’s the one to have at your corner, for the tough times. And with this single ‘Icarus’, it continues his plight and mission to be with you, supporting you, caressing you.

EP ‘Chlorophyll’ will drop sometime at the end of this year.

“The fable is typically a cautionary tale about ‘Icarus’ being too ambitious in his pursuit of freedom, but i wanted to turn it on it’s head and imagine him as noble in his search for a better life, liberated from his shackles, which i feel i have experienced through the man i love.”

Max is a beautiful line, in this glorious of existence.

Let’s live through him.



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