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Maxim Lany // Maximals x FaderX // Amy Root // American Authors // Teenage Priest

Maxim Lany – People Of The Night

Ghent based Maxim Lany comes at us with ‘People Of The Night’ featuring Jacky E Jones on vocals. And boy, is it an understated EDM banger. The trance/house blend that shows off its undertone hues and seismic sexiness that, to be honest, we all want to feel, more often than not. And if you are one of these ‘people of the night’, then kudos to you, for we can live vicariously through you. The party people. The fabulous. Dig this single, why don’t ya. You know you wanna.

Maximals x FaderX – Free (feat. Jordan Grace)

Newest release from MAXIMALS & FaderX, featured vocalist Jordan Grace, combines the perfect aromatics of them all, to bring the single ‘Free’. This is a dance pop cross over and when the two worlds collide, it’s exquisite in its simplicity and char, as ‘Free’ has served. Distributed through Protocol, the house is built and then explodes with understated drop and meticulous shine. The feel good single ‘Free’ is for “many listeners who have felt the desire to break away from the sometimes-suffocating responsibilities of life, often finding blissful escape in dance music experiences.” Word.

Amy Root – Elif

‘Lynn’ – the debut EP from burgeoning Netherlands-based producer duo AmyRoot – was released on November 9th,
Lukas Amer and Sjoerd Huissoon draws inspiration from classic folk vibes from various nations, and contemporary artisans of such audible beats and vibes. On November 9th, the duo will deliver their debut EP ‘Lynn’ to the world. And from it, they aspire to influence with subtlety in complexity; simplicity in rebellion; decadence within musical theatrics. Utilizing electronics to develop such hymns of suppositions, AMY ROOT, is able to conjure such viability in thought provoking, and vexing instrumental joy. Look for more from the dynamic artists.

American Authors – Champion

“‘Champion’ is a song about that special person in your life who stays by your side no matter what,” said Zac Barnett. “I know for me there’s plenty of days where I feel defeated or down but I know I can turn to my girlfriend, the guys in my band, or even my mom to be the champion I need to pick me back up”. Best known for their triple-platinum hit single ‘Best Day of My Life’, the new single ‘Champion’ bursts with pride and anthem, as featured vocalist Beau Young Prince delights with quirk and ambience through the rapping lyrics. The stadium sing-along words of ‘Champion’ will get you going, and going, and going until the last chant is done.

Teenage Priest – Cool To You

TEENAGE PRIEST is the solo music project of Taylor Van Ginkel. The Los Angeles based artist has a lot to say. Finding the way to express is always the hard part. But knowing Taylor’s body of work, you get the sense that every step is towards the right direction. With note by note accuracy and succinct tolerance for the microns of emotion that are hinged upon them, TEENAGE PRIEST is an unrelenting diatribe, of useful contrasts, seemingly unperturbed by the excesses of life and its beholden nature. This solo project is a new one, but Taylor has published prior with his former band RÓSA. The talented manipulator of musical instruments, stride in with dad hat vibes, but majestically sallies away with a grand sage of applauses and accolades. ‘Cool To you’ is a digitally decadent production, ready to be absorbed by the listener. It’s a ray of sunshine, at the edge of love.


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