maxime. ‘old fast’ : A glow of amber, dancing with a belly dance that glistens our manifold, of imagination.

Album ‘whatevernowiscalled’ is out now.


Maxime Trippenbach is the project, maxime. He makes alt/indie-pop music from Ottawa, Canada. Synth, guitar, voice, attitude – all are wrapped in a saran-wrap of emotions, maybe masked by the sullen pleasures of life, decked out in a zoot suit of manicured alacrity. Doesn’t mind your frame of mind. It’s the combined sauce that gets Maxime allured.

And in ‘old fast’, that exact act of being ‘alluring’ happens in an instant.

A puff of air that kills of the match light. ‘Poof’, it staggers, struggling to find more oxygen, dangling at its lifeblood, only to be overwhelmed by the quickly moving atmosphere. But like a knight in shining armor, maxime., takes out another match, striking with deathly blow to the carbon structured match head – alighting back the life, that was.

And now. It exists once more.

A glow of amber, dancing with a belly dance that glistens our manifold, of imagination. Trance of emotions, come together now, with dignity and a future promise of supposition.

Color for expression is what maxime. quietly has achieved.

His debut EP, ‘Toothpaste & Orange Juice’ was released by Majestic Casual in August, 2018. But maxime. wanted more from his music. Feeling inspired to make a change, he began to write songs with his own vocals, trading electronic for indie-pop. His first EP as maxime., crying in the club, was released in April, 2019. In September, he released another 5-track EP, pity party. Each of its singles – “mariuh” and “spooktober” – were picked up by Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” in consecutive weeks, and a third, “pneumonia,” was featured on its flagship “New Music Friday.”

Hooray, indeed.

Now, we’re here. Another chapter to Maxime, which, like that match head, blasted in to another chapter, with fire and gumption.

Where to now, maxime.? Where to?

maxime.’s new album ‘whatevernowiscalled’ is out now.



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