May Have ‘May Have (Misunderstood)’ : A longing and telling of a story that is monumentally, so very intimate.

May Have / Photo: Sophia Khmil

‘May Have (Misunderstood)’ is a duet. The two voices, almost doubled the whole way through, seem to sing to one another suggesting something like ‘in it together’ or ‘I hear you’ or even ‘me too, I’ve done that.’ The sustained keyboards at the very beginning offer a kind of calm after a storm’ mood.

Originating as a three-­piece, Maerin Hunting’s songwriting and soaring vocals are elevated by the contagious energy of the rhythm section, Sebastian Balk-Forcione (drums) and Matt Rousseau (bass/synths). Adding, Dan Rougeau (lead guitar) and Emily Rockarts (vocals and keys) May Have has expanded into a fivefold friendship music collective. With an impressive array of synths, samples, guitars and other goodies, May Have lights up the dancefloor. Their hook-filled songs get stuck in your head forever and more.

With a voluminous radiation of thoughts and pillars for altruism at its most haunting, ‘May Have (Misunderstood)’ varies in tone and actuation, even in the calmness that is enveloped within the song. A folding accompaniment in solitary discussions, are vascular in openness and palpitates with an un-consumable valor in honesty and unjustifiable grand-ness.

‘May Have (Misunderstood)’ is that complexity, presented in simplicity. A longing and telling of a story that is monumentally, so very intimate.

Feel that aura with this fabulous Montreal band.


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