May Lavie ‘Mark’ : “Express more profoundly my own point of view.”

May Lavie

Mark (Zuckerberg) is the third release from ‘Lumen Being’, a project by May Lavie. The song is about “Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 congressional hearing, exploring our ability to truly see each other, and the fine line that separates positive & negative communications in our lives.”

And how fine it is.

As we go through this metamorphosis of a life that is filled with technology, we’re surged ever forward with the thoughts of humans with zero total privacy, at home or anywhere else. But we are an adapting species and with that talent, we become accustomed to the extremities of our surroundings.

To survive, we adjust. To thrive, we adjust. Will we ever remember when privacy was held to such high regard? May Lavie thinks maybe that we’re on a road to a world of mixed communications, and lives becoming ‘okay’ with that divide. We are more in ‘touch’ with our neighbors than ever before. But at the same time, ever so far apart.

The gulf, becomes ever so, in coordination. Only time will tell.

May Lavie is an artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel. “My aim in this project is to raise consciousness to various social & political issues, both worldwide and where I live. I believe that by using the words and thoughts of others, I am able to express more profoundly my own point of view.”



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