May Lavie ‘No’omi’ : A diabolical inkling. In notes and subversive vibes.

May Lavie

Escape. Can’t. Need. Until the death of you. Your soul. Your breath for life, slowly seeps out in wheezing comeuppance.

Cold sweat. Around your cold eyes, melting into submission.

Imminent. Still. Embrace.

No’omi deals with the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

Combining textures of past and present, lateral and inconceivably vertical – May Lavie’s contentious commentary of perhaps the ‘inevitable frailty’ of man and woman, clash in a vibrantly gray and elongated trek of this musical piece.

“Represents a poison relationship we cannot let go of in every scale of life- friend, partner or even a part of our own identity,” said May.

From her ‘People You May Know’, it follows the EP ‘Lumen Being’ in a continuous, but distinct view of “society, intolerance, hatred” and the ultimate salvation of momentary ‘gaps” and crevasses of longing.

A diabolical inkling. In notes and subversive vibes.

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