Maya Malkin ‘Hostage’ : Strong, powerful, self-examining, and addicting.

Maya Malkin / Photo: Katie Armstrong

Maya Malkin is a young singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada, who has made waves in the Canadian music scene with her band, Motel Raphael.

With Motel Raphael, Maya has released two studio albums (+500,000 Spotify streams), toured Canada twice, played the likes of Osheaga & SXSW, opened a sold-out show for Tegan and Sara, performed on Parliament Hill for Canada’s official 150th birthday celebration.

Irony and empathy is the name of the game for Maya. Her music is strong, powerful, self-examining, and addicting. A prominent surge of girl pop, makes its way into hearts who never knew better. ‘Hostage’ is a song of relationships and question marks.

Aren’t we all??


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