Maybird ‘Dreamcatcher’ : Meditative and melancholic sound, that invigorates and soothes.


‘Dreamcatcher’ is the 2nd release off an upcoming B-Sides EP called ‘Bird Sides’. For Maybird, who are mostly known for a retro-psychedelic rock sound, ‘Dreamcatcher’ offers a more meditative and melancholic sound, that invigorates and soothes.

Fusing expansive psychedelia with evocative roots rock accents, Maybird are originally from Rochester, New York.

The Bird Sides EP will include 6 tracks which were recorded alongside Maybird’s previous 2 EP’s and LP, which were released on Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records label. It is due for release this summer.

They sing, bop, rhyme and tickle your senses into eden’s bloom. A wonderment of sights and sounds, delight into a replenishment of quiet attention and meaningfulness. A sultry psyche shimmer deliberate into your meeting room of your mind, pertaining to an actionable love-fest; of your heart and soul.

Maybird does it again.


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