Mazen Awad ‘Aftercare’ : A way of life that exceeds beyond love.

Mazen Awad / Photo: Robin Helgesen

“I´ve always been so fascinated by artists of the past, like Da Vinci and Beethoven,” said Mazen Awad. “Specifically how they could take an idea and define it so well, all by themselves. I would like to think of music as a painting, cause it can only be painted through one person’s imagination…You get a translated imagination of something tangible put down into a painting. A complete piece of art coming solely from one person’s perspective.That is why I like doing it all by myself, so that I can take an idea and fully translate it sonically, fully from my point of view.”

In his EP ‘Miracle’ Mazen tackles subjects like reconciliation with your past relationships, self-awareness, personal growth and the positive sides of love. Aftercare is a reflection of exactly that, but the first single also represents a way of life that exceeds beyond love.

“The song Aftercare to me is about a broken past with someone, but not necessarily only that though. It’s more so about the concept of being “back and forth” rather than just go with the flow, something I feel we as human beings don’t do enough… We should try to not worry and control everything, and appreciate the fun parts of the ride.”


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