Mazoulew // Us3r // Pyrame // Devilish Dear // DEVAULT

Mazoulew – EOS

From falling in love and in-love with trip-hop, MAZOULEW drives his attention to multiple genres, and then brings them into his own style of recollection, readiness, and fever for intrinsic. ‘EOS’ is his continued legacy for what he does and what he does so well. Collaboration and independently produced works about from where MAZOULEW resides, evolving, refining, exploring the grandest sounds he can muster.

Us3r – Renegade

Us3r is an Seattle Washington based artist who’d began using his moniker in 2018. Funk, dance, synth-pop, pop – all come into play as the keys driven sensibilities come to rest on the shoulders of the product designer @ Amazon. Technology, arts, and cityscapes take up the thoughts and premise of the art-pop instigator. Us3r rests in the gaps between reality and ambience. Let’s see how far he can unfurl his wings as he drives forth.

Pyrame – Where Are We Now?

Synth-wave cleansed by the thought of the indelible vibes of an idling outrun aesthetic, ‘Where Are We Now?’ takes kinship in multi-layered harmonies, tangled in majesty, ultimately delivered in a package of purple, pink, and you. PYRAME’s single is a derivative of the whole. The whole of one and multiplicities, hinged on the ripe vestigial angles of our hearts and minds. Shallow, but fulfilled, we clip on to the realities of now and then, knowing nothing but of the past. One road leads to the horizon. “Are we going to make it?” PYRAME knows.

Devilish Dear – Glass React

‘Glass React’ is the followup to DEVILISH DEAR’s 2017 album ‘These Sunny Days’. And in late 2019, they will be dropping their next album. The shoegaze indie guitar persona that drips out of this single is delicious. Braulio Almeida, Rômulo Collopy, and Shelly Modesto are the keen energy behind this experimental project, that hinges on the sweet dew of life. The intensity is within the gaps between each note, shining on out with indelible miniature raptures. “These songs are my hobby, my contribution to people that like the same kind of music that I do“, said Braulio. “An email from someone saying they liked [it] is good enough, puts no money in my pocket. But this is about something else“. Something else that is higher and much more gratifying. Kudos.

Alessia Cara – Out of Love (DEVAULT Remix)

DEVAULT is the artist behind this distinct remix of ALESSIA CARA’s single ‘Out Of Love’. With a decadent spread of calm and modern beckoning, the 20 year old electronic artist based out of California, depicts a succinct focus out of the single. 80’s synth devours the waves of vibes from the song, as the vocals of Alessia slowly caresses and increases the awareness of you, us. The settling personal emotions. Bold and socratic, the display of layers, pushes the gift of the resounding chorus to an ever higher height. “I was beyond thrilled to be given this opportunity to do a remix for Alessia, she’s so gifted. The goal was to take this vocal and give it more of a night drive feeling, and we created a small visual to connote that exact idea.” Beautiful, indeed.

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