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MBG – Unfinished Love Song

Under the covers, MBG (Leena Rodriguez), sings for us like we’re at our most vulnerable. She feels the pain and confusion we go through. That’s where MBG just shines. She sparkles with in-depth excellence in empathy, thrust by the energy of her guitar play, songs like her ‘Unfinished Love Song’ is majestic and kind. Leena is a writer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. And the talent just flows through her like the Universe flows in and out of the membranes of our minds. Her folk/jazz/blues combination in this particular song is a testament to hat she can bring. Our jaws were opened and was hard to get them to shut when we listened initially to MBG. Her infectious malaise is quite irresistible. Her debut EP is available now. Leena calls herself a ‘one woman band’. Feels much grander than that, to be sure.

Ritual Talk – If

Brooklyn based trio RITUAL TALK hit the nail on the head, seemingly every time they offer a single. Nothing different with ‘If’, as the sparkling single that is a salute to the coming-of-age vibes of summers and summers lost. It is a wave of emotions that are articulated with a kind of interaction that is distinct and infectious. Fresh off their debut LP ‘Plans’, is a slew of warmth in chords, and sentiments that is a precursor to euphoric smiles and that feeling of falling deep within the folds of love – or of being loved. The psychedelic indie rock band comes at your with open arms and you just have to let them in. They’ll coax you with the kind hearted happiness that you missed as you’ve grown up.

BBGuns – Valley (Music Video)

BBGUNS are from Pittsburgh. They love fun and quirky methods of communicating. They’re really good at it. Per example, their single ‘Valley’, the duo which mixes hiphop, dance and alternative genres, keeps it pastel and lovable. But a the edges of it all, their music are commentaries that are conscious and much aligned with the goodness that we think we all possess in this world. This music video is the perfect representation of the audio, as the visuals of the duo makes it hard for anyone to deflect such goodness. Lyricism and catchy melodies deem the single to a whole new level of fun, as the Baltimorean Height Keech produced track keeps the flow going. The video was shot in Los Angeles, CA, and directed by Cory Pitkavish who has previously done video work for major artists Desiigner and Riff Raff.

Mary Milne – Morningtown

Lost in a moment. MARY MILNE’s single ‘Morningtown’ is the moment when we capture the sense for the vastness of this world. And even more incredibly, how through this haystack of life, we can find such a singular love. The possibilities are unfathomably impossible. From a mathematical point of view, it doesn’t makes sense. But it happens, every day. The goodness of it all, buids this dam of expectations, though. And as reliance for each other flourishes, the bridge to that happiness may shake and rattle. For some, that bridge will crumble, taking with it all of the secrets and small moments, shared with it. The kind of pain, is as stupendous as the ‘needle’ of true love that once defined the relationship. But that’s life. That’s how things go. That’s how humans conduct such a trade. ‘Morningtown’ is a folk single from Mary, and was part of the wave of songs she’d developed in the wake of new motherhood. Sprinkles of new perspectives and angles gained a foothold, dynamically adding to her songwriting and ultimate enjoyment for all of us to relate.

MIYNT – Vacation With Bond In South Of France Part 2

Swedish artist/producer MIYNT offers this single ‘Vacation With Bond In South Of France Part 2’ and you scratch your head in amazement. The 70’s qualities of sound attracts your senses, as the magnetic vocals of MIYNT keeps you guessing at what’s next. We’d called MIYNT’s works “beckoning as you watch your eyes ogle over the tight skin of your existential vitality..” Also added that: “With hooks that stutter into our mind, they dance in ecstasy without a care. The collapse of your faculties, giving one hundred percent to the seduction of this song, is admirable and just”. If MIYNT asked you to be yourself, you will do so. If MIYNT asked you to be the best you can be, you will do so. If she wanted you to roam the stars in the skies above, you will – just like Aphrodite surely can.

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