Mdnite ‘I’ve Always Been An Alien’ : Resonate with beads of salutation towards the massive expanse.


Mdnite is a synth pop project between husband and wife, Kelsi and Erik Midnight. Based out of Boise, Idaho, the duo seek to evoke the sense of wonder and mystery through their ocean-deep blend of dark folk and ambient electronic hip-hop.

Why do we think we’re supposed to be fully understood? Why do we judge ourselves so harshly when our thoughts, feelings, and actions don’t line up with what’s widely accepted by the social circle that we inhabit?

Said the duo: “‘I’ve Always Been An Alien’ is a personal expression of the universal feeling of being misunderstood. It’s learning to accept yourself and courageously go where no earthly being has gone before.”

With deep pocket full of inquiries, the sounds of Mdnite resonate with beads of salutation towards the massive expanse.


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