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MDRN HSTRY Shares Single ‘Prey For Me’. Surf-Rock With A Tinge Of That PULP You Needed.

MDRN HSTRY is a San Diego based ‘surf-delic’ band. And they sure do wear that close to their sleeves. And we like it that way. For they are essentially perfect for your par-tay. Yes. ‘par-tay’ meaning ‘party’ for those are unfamiliar with our take on the English language. ‘Par-tay’ is the kind of ‘party’ you’d want on your special day at the Fraternity, or your special day at the spa. Or even better, a ‘par-tay’ at the concert-after-concert (you know what we mean). What we’re saying is that MDRN HSTRY’s ‘Prey For Me’ is the antidote for those malaise filled days. It instantly takes you back, and then slaps you.

And you’ll like it.

The slap, that is. Listen to the latter third of the song and you’ll want to get the ‘Royale With Cheese’, and dance to ‘You Never Can Tell’ in front of Otakus.

Oh and also, don’t pay attention to what we write. Sometimes we ramble on in a wide Tangent.

But the fact of this song being cool. Is that we’re cool (not really). And that we dig it.

Nuff said (*no mic to drop).

No, but check out this band. It’s good stuff.

The band consists of: Shea Smith, Jesse Orlando, Aj Peters, Drew Wright, Nick Roberts, and Pete Eichar.



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