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Meadows Shares ‘Empty Windows’. “Makes you want to fly.”

Samuel Åsberg

Cosmic. Derivative of none. Never foregone. Beautifully presented single ‘Empty Windows’ makes you want to fly.

Meadows is the project of Christoffer Wadensten. The Swede with the songwriting gumption and daring to write about his most dire, in artistic resonance. That is what he brings with this single.

Intimate, honest, earthy, and engaging, the single exudes with confidence with the subject matter at hand, while, at the same time, trembling with giddy vibes of things to come. The gorgeous guitar progressions, help you feel like living once more. And emotionally, it helps you separate from the ground, for the first time, tempting physics, in order to be joyful once more.


That is where ‘Empty Windows’ helps amplify.

The title of Meadows’ upcoming album, ‘The Emergency Album’ (Spring 2020), is inspired by the American poet, Frank O’hara, and his ability to catch the emotional state of being within an emergency.

Incandescently, Christoffer captures the poetry of just simply ‘being’, in this single.

And you can’t help but pull your chest up again, taking a deep breath, and smiling.




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