Meaney & the Misfits Shares Single ‘Mind Over Matter’ Off Of EP ‘Batten Down The Hatches’.

There are times when things just fall apart. And sometimes we can witness the crumbling of the bricks around your life, as it’s happening. First hand; in distinct clarity. It’s a devastating series of moments. And from the single ‘Mind Over Matter’ is what that’s depicted – at least from our little heads.

The decoratively ‘un-sophisticated’ and ‘raw’ strumming of the acoustic guitar to the ‘drum-drumming’ of Peter Meaney’s vocals – strip away a certain layer of expectations from that old relationship we have hidden in our minds. The reliance of old memories prop our egos and maybe help in living. But many times, that false dichotomy or presence of her face… his face, stops us in our tracks from reality.

Hold on.



But it starts with ourselves, first.


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