Medium Build ‘Good At Being Lonely’ : Groovy pop, dazzled in the sunshine of life and love.

Medium Build

Groovy pop, dazzled in the sunshine of life and love. Medium Build’s ‘Good At Being Lonely’ is a beautiful ensemble of vibes, lovingly crafted and lovingly sung.

“I was going through a pretty gnarly break up and had a few months of tour planned that I was counting on to clear my head. Just a full lap of the country playing solo shows starting in Alaska and ending on the east coast.”

“Then COVID-19 happened and all my future distractions disappeared. I found myself stuck in a small town, in a small apartment, with my brother and (small) 5 year old nephew. With no work and a freshly broken heart, I leaned into routine to help me get back on my feet. I made oatmeal in the mornings before long runs. I did push ups and cut my own hair. I made huge bowls of ramen at night to eat while I binged anime. This song is literally the sounds of me getting healthy. Drinking less and stretching more. Getting good at being lonely.”

It’s quite possible that we’d had the same quandary to solve. But we all do – by the end – solve such troubles.

Because that’s what we do. And as human beings, with love and affection for seeking out the happiness we’d thought deserved, Medium Build’s uncontentious and gracious sonic brood of colors delight our senses and we dance.

We dance, because, at some point, we have or will be lonely.

But it’s temporary. We promise.

Let Medium Build help you get there.

Let Anchorage, Alaska based project by Nick Carpenter set you straight to love.


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