Meernaa To Drop ‘Strange Life’ EP On June 8. Listen to Single ‘Wildest Eyes’.

The dream of your accompanied restraints. “What is your purpose, in life?” What kind of question is that? You walk towards the sun-lit horizon of my future past. It hurts the eyes. Is it lying to me? Is it a company of your un-deserved and under-served riots in the heart? “Let me know later, in an email.”

New EP drops June 8.

Carly Bond is ‘Meernaa’ and it’s gloriously odd, gloriously velvety, and gloriously deep. The project is a dream, within that foggy precipice between light and gray. Unassailable that gap maybe, Meernaa effectively traverses the skip of draconian landscape of hype and sound, to get to where ‘Wildest Eyes’ set.

The group is comprised of Carly Bond, Rob Shelton, Andrew Maguire, and Doug Stuart.

Entangled in his woven threads of white lies and accustomed support in ‘putting it lightly’, the walls of his little empire crumbled at his sandled feet. The hours of time had caught him unaware, of the impending doom that laid bare, naked, and cold in the darkness in a ruinous relationship. His only way out, was through that forest, within where he’d fostered his hate, fear, and his reckless innuendoes. It was time to depart. It was time to jump into that contrast.

Meerna is rep’ed by Native Cat Recordings.

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