Meg Smith ‘Cross My Heart I Hope U Die’ : First-hand style of a heart that misses, longs, and hopes.

Meg Smith

Creating compelling music is a tall order. It’s hard. It take work. It takes talent. Meg Smith’s offer for the world in ‘Cross My Heart I Hope U Die’ is all that and more.

With movie cinematic in that popular appeal, that mixes into the indie valence of story telling and exorbitance – Meg’s telling vision for the project, in all its glory, consumes in shine and shimmer as ever it could.

“I was studying abroad in London when I wrote ‘Cross My Heart I Hope U Die,’ said Meg, “and just felt so out of my comfort zone in this new place. It came to a point where I decided to totally forget all of my preconceived notions about what my music should sound like. So I went into the session and I was like ‘Today I want to write the spookiest song ever.”

Told in the first-hand style of a heart that misses, longs, and hopes, ”Cross My Heart I Hope U Die’ is another delight of pop that keeps the Meg Smith train rolling forth.

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swipe for the ‘american in paris’ track list 😳

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