Megan Vidovich ‘Golden Brown’ : Finding new loves and new paths to the new future.

Megan Vidovich

Golden Brown is the ultimate sultry summer song. It’s all about going to the beach with your sisters and girlfriends under the hot California sun. Maybe finding new loves and maybe finding new paths to the new future.

Southern California-based singer-songwriter Megan Vidovich can’t remember a time that she wasn’t singing, writing songs, or performing for her family and friends. She does, however, recall the turning point when she realized that music was more than just an extracurricular activity.

Megan has found her craft to be a therapeutic tool to process her experiences.

“The lyrics come out of nowhere, but they don’t lie,” she revealed. “I’ve been able to sort through all types of problems while writing. Sometimes I don’t even know how I feel about a person or relationship until I finish a song about them.” She adds, “Once a song is done, all the negativity is gone, and I can move on.”


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