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Megyn Kelly: Rough 2017 so far. Her show started rough, again, this week.

Megyn Kelly, the famed announcer from her former employer, Fox News, has had a rough 2017.

Now, one week into her new show on NBC, ‘Megyn Kelly Today’, even her production crew have become frazzled, it seems.

Here one of her camera men, mis-calculates his spot, and get into the frame. The worse part is he’d been caught saying “Sh*t” into the mic.

On Monday, she had another quite awkward moment when she asked her guest from the returning hit show “Will & Grace”, this question:
“Is it true that you became a lawyer, and you became gay, because of Will?” Kelly asked. “I think the ‘Will & Grace’ thing and the gay thing is going to work out great.”

We think things go smoother as the weeks progress, for her show. We hope so for NBC and her sake. They both have lots of skin in the game, and the partnership must succeed.

NBC brought her over, after she left FOX, for a $17 Million contract.

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