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MEI // The Rooks // Gabriel Gassi // Taichi Ro // Molly Moore

MEI – Hurrygirl

Imagine meeting MEI in a dark corner of a dark corridor in that dark park of your emotions. She starts to glow, and brilliant shimmers of encouragement starts to hit your every fiber. Now you start to glow, and the music within you – the life that deserves better – slowly but surely take root into your psyche. That’s ‘Hurrygirl’, a single that evokes that under-nurtured phantoms of love that is dormant in you. We dig that. Lots. MEI’s debut EP ‘Hurrygirl’ is out now, as well.

The Rooks – Oh My

It’s Friday. You have your beautiful gal next to you. You best pals are at hand. What next? “Let’s go see THE ROOKS, and let’s get this weekend off to fab start!” And you do exactly that. With exuberant beats and horns driving the chorus extravaganza of their single ‘Oh My’, the fulfilling single gets you to move to another kind of exhilaration. Pure joy? Simply: YES. ‘Oh My’ is off of their latest 9 track album ‘Bend’ available now.

Gabriel Gassi – Rosebud

GABRIEL GASSI, based from Sweden, brings the decadent and evolving digital singing-rap editions we expect from the student of the craft. “I wrote this song during a time when I didn’t have a lot of money. I escaped into the world of video games, finding cheat codes to at least make my virtual life more extra.” Music is about dishing about a moment in time, and personal experiences seared into the cortex of the artist. Gabriel has promised to do so. And he delivers.

Taichi Ro – Masquerade Dancing

TAICHI RO is an artist based in Japan. he is a singer/songwriter/producer always trying to expand his musical horizons. This is his personal project as an independent singer. And within this single ‘Masquerade Dancing’ melancholically interpreted emotions are dowsed with positivity, washing away the layers of personal struggle, we can feel in our day to day. The mix of r&b elements with the indie-synth-rock frame work, delivers in a classic OST style indie production. Taichi invites us to look forward. We all should. There’s nothing to lose, after all.

Molly Moore – Be Here Now

Los Angeles singer/songwriter MOLLY MOORE wants to make music that helps us to get past our woes, become more understanding, and have the ability to move on with better and greater conviction toward the unknown future. “I wrote this about chasing anything that brings you out of the present. It’s so easy to get distracted & lose sight of what you have, while you have it,” said MOLLY MOORE. “It’s been particularly relevant to me since my dad’s unexpected passing in April. I’ve had the hardest time dealing with such a tremendous loss, but it’s given me a new perspective on everything. I’m realizing now how important it is to connect with people on a deeper level in every moment.” It always starts with one step, one silent promise. Let’s go.


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