Melanie Pierce ‘Headlights’ : Message of forgiveness and acceptance. Both a warning and a chance to re-evaluate.

Melanie Pierce

Forgiveness has a chasm to cross. And that exact lunge over and under faith of believing again, is as wide, as it’s deep. But that distance must be conquered.

Melanie’s direct message of forgiveness and acceptance, in the trek towards healing and renewal, is the consuming subject of this single.

Said Melanie: “‘Headlights’ is a song that describes toxicity in a relationship. It’s not exclusive to romance. The lyrics were written very deliberately, with the intention of explaining the dynamic between being “time and place” with someone, while seeing red flags and warning signs, but finding yourself so caught up in the idea and wishful thinking, that you disregard those signs for a temporary ‘Heaven’.”

With light and airy contrasts, ‘Headlights’ is both a warning and a chance to re-evaluate. Second chances are in limited supply.

Make your move.


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