Melasól ‘Trance Away’ : Uplifting vibes, consult your brain, leaving that smile in heart, for all to see.


This single, ‘Trance Away’, is a warm up for the upcoming EP due to drop, first quarter 2021. And what a taste of goodness it sure is.

Melasól’s vibrant shimmer is a natural vibe of excitement, severity in honesty, and a majestic exercise of burgeoning fun-ness.

As you drop into the canyon of dreams, your thoughts concentrate into the betterment of self and your surrounding. A wistful concentration to be bright and charming; like the daisies abound in the fields of gold. The fleeting dance of mahogany delights, resting on no laurels of life begotten. Never surrendering to the weight of living and its acolytes.

The break from the silent beating of reality, suggests throughout the glimmering hope of ‘Trance Away’, and it’s gold.

Loving, as you can. Embracing, as you can. Living it up, the best you can.

The uplifting vibes consult your brain, leaving that smile in heart, for all to see.


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