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Melby Shares Another Fabulous Tune ‘Reject’. If You Must Pro-ject. You Cannot Re-ject.

“So good”. That’s what I always think of when thinking about Melby (and their label Rama Lama). Yep. “So good”. Just clicks with us here at CHF, all-the-time. 95 percent of the time (no one’s 100%, right?) Anywho, the gang in Melby has the Indie feel, mixed with dream pop rock, enhanced with vocal tuning / manipulations that are just ethereal and well… out of this Stratosphere. The latest example is this freakin’ song ‘Reject’.

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The body of work from this quartet is just delicious. It’s as delicious as that caramel ice-cream with cookie dough (US only?) infused, during that summer’s restless night, walking hand by hand at 9pm, with your lover.

It’s sexy. And at the same time, just so modern, so cool, and so enumerably unmistakable and approachable. The sound of Melby is refreshing. And out of all the descriptions, that is most poignant and relevant. For, from that base of cement, the emphatic distinction starts and sticks to your psyche like velcro.

Their last year’s debut EP was like “fabulous” and we dug it to the hilt. Take ‘Cross’ from that EP, and it sets the melodic tone which indelibly washes over your musical soul. The gang is fabulous together in the band, and enhancing the layers is Matilda Wiezell’s mature and dynamic vocals, makes it a joy to listen (as always). And even better this time, the same type of melodic sensibilities are rockin’ out during ‘Reject’. It gives us, the audience, another atmosphere of reason to love listening to Matilda, Are, David and Teo.

It’s a grand output, and perfectly baked.

“We all wanted an energetic song to play live. David had this great, kind of spiteful guitar part and bass line for the intro, and a melody for the verse. Back then with a weird synth sound. Building on that, we speeded up the song, and finished it together. At the time, I was annoyed with a person close to me. As I walked around being cranky, I started writing the lyrics, and they wound up being about building up anger for a long time, being awfully stubborn, and longing for redress”.

See their debut at Sebright Arms in London coming week, June 5.

The band consists of: Matilda Wiezell (vocals, keyboard), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar), David Jehrlander (bass) and Teo Jernkvist (drums)

Kudos, gang. Kudos.


Live dates
5 June Sebright Arms, London
15 June Mossagårdsfestivalen, Skåne
21 July Popaganda Parkteater Festival, Stockholm
29 August Urban Spree, Berlin


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