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Melby – You’ll Be Lost

Never lost in translation are the works by MELBY. That band that houses interpersonal lyrics and musical arrangements that keeps on delighting and surprising. The band’s debut album ‘None of this makes me worry’ dropped in April, but has never lost its shimmer or newness that we feel listening to them. The sultry and melancholic delve deep with Matilda Wiezell’s voice, as she helps us guide us into her world, while in her speaking trance. ‘You’ll Be Lost’ is a dynamic constancy of inherent virtualism, wrapped up in a very local and personable experience of the love that is here, nor there. MELBY is one of those bands that we dig, and from the get go. Heck yes.

Vetle Forsell – Strange Clouds

VETLE FORSELL is an artist based out of Norway, and zis music to date has been ultra introspective and hindsight. From zis remembrance of zis future from the past to going through all of the trauma that had haunted him through out zis 26 year on this Earth, he makes it zis right to survive with and through zis music. With always a tambour of Medieval resonance in zis songs, the vagrancy of zis memories clash with might as it fights through the menace of what had happened. He consoles in the blanket of confidence, of writing and singing away the parchments of those struggles in abuse from without. The grayness of zis solum ballads, depict the constant shielding from the waves of anxiety and depravation he feels. But through it all, he comes to play on the playground of life that he has promised to Overcome the fears, the regrets, the hate, and the emotional incarceration he could console. But he resists, with grit and determination.

Taylor Alexander – I Never Ask For Nothin’

Traditional country. TAYLOR ALEXANDER tells his stories in that frame of fact and mind. Smooth and steady vocals of the country musician, tells stories that are of you, him, us. Never deprived of its full potential, ‘I Never Ask For Nothin’ keeps the perspectives in line with the realities of what could and should. But it’s all what we deem important in our lives. A look from a 30,000 feet perspective, Taylor might want us to take in the good and the best of the world that you have cultivated. For ‘cultivating’ is what we do – whether we like it or not. From doing ‘nothing’ to doing ‘everything’, we invest into the realms of life, with constancy and flow. So, let’s look ‘inside’, but let’s ‘live’ for the better. Let’s smile, with even with what you have.

Cricket Blue – Alicia From The Store

Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith make up CRICKET BLUE. A delightful entourage of musical sensibilities that hum as the humming birds, and meticulous as the worker bee. The summation of story telling is invoked in this delicately packaged single ‘Alicia From The Store’ utilizing the ravenous chimes of folk and theatre. The song is of ‘Alicia’, the protagonist of the song who, even in her young age, she narrates about the ‘banal’ of existence within a crowed aisle of life, working but working without purpose. As the times pass, she is worried about what the future might lie for her, and how she’ll fit within it. The charm oozes off of the single as Laura’s vocals delight with pangs of trepidation and at the same time, a vivid decadence for never letting things get in the way. ‘Alicia From The Store’ is their first single from their new concept album ‘Serotinalia’ (out now).

Lylak – Beggar

Gideon Maki’s solo project has bloomed. Just like realization of self. A juxtaposition of where you stand. A glimmer of love, that is too far away. Or in a gaze of Universal affection, which makes you cry – ‘Beggar’ is in a series of music that is built upon the seminal respect in the small, the insignificant. The things that make life, what it is, and more. In moments of glory, confidence to resist through the vastness of life without the one who cares for you, might be able. But in a time of crisis, realities come to fruition, and as you stand there in the soaking rain, crying for the one who you let go, you pour through the memories of what you’d possessed, but never appreciated fully. Is it too late? Maybe. But learning is half the battle, for the next. Lessons like this are prevalent in the beautifully laid out EP ‘Leave It to Light’.


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