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Melis x Kristina Antuna ‘Little places inside my head’ : Voluptuous vocal electro pop radicalization.

A mystery to ourselves and our emotional constitutions.


Oslo, Norway based Melis brings some classic house trance into the world of voluptuous vocal electro pop radicalization.

“I was aiming for a relatively simple and repetitive tune, a bit dreamy without losing energy and beats,” stated Melis. “Kristina Antuna’s voice borders occasionally to sad or almost complaining, but with positivity and softness.”

The clicking curiosity of traveling in this space and time, darkness by the starboard and darkness by port – the vast distances of our memories and our once large ambitions, collide in juxtapositions. Weaving inside our brains, we concoct the best stories to keep meaning inside this life of our living. A survival narrative, we suspend at small degrees our faculties of reason, to taste the bliss of ignorance.

Just for a while.

The Universe cannot blame us for such a deed. For our limitations are as far and far-reaching as the gaps between the vastness of stars.

A mystery to ourselves and our emotional constitutions, we go back – after the fight – to, indeed, try again.

Melis and Kristina, helps us remind and forget our smallness and live a little with ‘Little Places Inside My Head’.


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