Melisandre’s Beaver ‘Bag For Life’ (Video) : Without sharing the load, the overwhelmingness can be consuming.

Melisandre's Beaver

Bag for Life is the Third single from Melisandre’s Beaver since the release of their debut album in 2018. Having had James Nesbitt join the band on drums in December 18, the band took some time off to write and record, and begin what they are calling Beaver 2.0. Brother, the first single, was the start. Indy was the main course, and Bag for Life,the best bit, is the pudding.

“The song sees the band strike a more serious tone, hiding away the tongue in cheek a bit more firmly than usual. The song is about the fear of your most supportive friend or loved one departing unexpectedly, leaving your life to fall apart as you discover that you cannot manage the weight of the world and the accompanying emotional baggage that goes with it single handedly. It’s about feeling like maintaining composure in a modern ever-changing society is a burden, and without sharing the load, the overwhelmingness can be consuming.”

The song was recorded at Magpie Studios in Ashford, produced and mixed by Charlie Creese. The music video was recorded at The Harp Restrung in Folkestone and Morrisons in Dover, UK.

The band is trio: Daniel Drew (Vocals and Guitar), Sam McNamara (Vocals and Bass) and James Nesbitt (Vocals and Drums).


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