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Mellor – Bone Idle

Mellor’s Bone Idle is a kick-ass grounded, rock-n-roll diddy, and it can set one’s senses on fire. The combination of the classic alt-rock turned-punk-sound, accommodates the delicate but sensible rock vocals. It’s a perfect live venue, have-fun-while-it’s-playing kind of song and we dig it lots. Fun is middle name of Mellor, if the band name had a middle name.

The raw guitar chords are conventional in a sense, but it’s always about the ‘whole’, ain’t it? One can’t help but shout and sing with the lyrics. And in our book of ‘tests’ for awesome songs, singing to lyrics (at least trying to anyhow) is a great sign.

Imagine (as we do often here at CHF), getting out of bed in the morning, you stretch the big stretch, sitting at the edge of the bed. Just like in an intro montage in an 80’s ‘coming-of-age’ teen movie, you hit that plastic button on that alarm clock and BAM!, Mellor’s Bone Idle starts!

You’re dancing, while stripping, in the way you do, before showering. You bob and weave your head to the tune, singing the lyrics. In the shower, as typical, the shower head is used to note that a hand-held mic is always necessary. As the water drains away from you skin, you’re ready to dress, and dress like a CHAMP!

The song, it ends, but your day is filled with energy, starting the day right.

Except now you’ll have to sit for a bit to eat breakfast, and then you’ll have to hit that song button again, for that intro montage. Just to keep the momentum going.


Anywho, fab song. Good energy!

According to the boys in Mellor, they’re not signed yet. Please consider, A&R department reps!



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