Mellowdine ‘Apart’ : Again, and again.


London-based producer Mellowdine has just released another melodic deep house song.

It showcases the various influences under which the artist is developing his sound. From intricate lo-fi textures inspired by artists such as Tourist or Kiasmos, to very approachable melodic hooks the likes of Lane 8 or the Anjunadeep label.

Cinematic, ethereal, seductive, mysterious – Mellowdine’s traverses in deeper into the song, your multi-colored pathway changes and morphs with decadent asterisks of light and dark, remembering the cause and effects of a by-gone era – selectively strident with amber colored aggressions.

The mellow and thorough single demeans nothing to an afterthought, while it holds your sensibilities into a stark but invigorating rapture of notes.

Again, and again.


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