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Melody Chebrellan Shares ‘Who Are You Driving To’. “Shouldn’t Everybody?”

MELODY CHEBRELLAN is a daughter of musician parents, and had grown up immersed in music. She’s always been an actress and performer (eg. commercials, plays, etc). And we think we hear some of that ‘grit’ and at the same time showing her ‘salt of the Earth’ silver lining within the lyrical construction.

And at the basic level, we dig things like this at CHF.

Shouldn’t everybody?

Melody seems to be working a her pace, and tune of her own drum beat. The feeling we’re getting is the ‘awkwardness’ in some parts of ‘Who Are You Driving To’ is baked in – intentional – and really an integral part of the story telling.

The scenario of this song is delectable, just from that perspective. It’s odd, we know, but it’s something that is accessible and becomes even more delicious, as you listen to her work, even more.

We think she’s got lots more to offer, and fabulous tales to tell in her future singles.

Melody seems like a very interesting soul and we can’t wait to see what she can share into the future.



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