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Melt Mars // Yukon Territory // OSHENS // Michael Berg // Love Trap

Melt Mars – Memory Lane

MELT MARS is the project of Brian. Juan came along and recorded the debut EP ‘Gimmicks’. Darnell and Favian joined to create the live act for people to see them perform in the flesh. And in ‘Memory Lane’ the sleepy-gazy dream-pop theme permeates the lyrics, as a journey of sorts begins to take place. It’s that place of hope and emotional prosperity that it seeks. And we want to ride along. The jangly guitars coupled with the vocals dictate the angle of the risen sun, as the rays hit with sledgehammer strength onto our exposed collage of images, depictions, conversations and sentiments. Certainly something to look into, no? Your answer should be ‘yes’. And when ready, you should be ready for more from this pact of musicians. We sure will be.

Yukon Territory – Snow Song, Pt. 2

YUKON TERRITORY’s ‘Snow Song, Pt. 2’ is the rock & psychedelic folk goodness that you ever so wanted with your hunger for affection. Off of the album ‘Saint Elias’, the equally intense extravaganza, pinned by the extravert vocals. Angst and trepidation is the common ingredient of the day, and as the song progresses, you’re drawn to that exact energy, seeping and enthralling, at the same time. The simple construction of the song is indicative of YT’s focus and determination for the way they wanted to express their thoughts and stories. The 7 track from the album, keeps the trip alive, in an old school march, tinged with an emo-rock like framing.

OSHENS – beach slutz

First single from OSHENS’ EP ‘demo(n)s’. Effervescent and just off the beaten path – ‘beach slutz’ keeps it real, as real can be, as it sets you up for a party at their house, then slaps you as you’re getting a ticket violation. Fair? Ridiculous? Yes, in both cases. As compared with that scenario, the gang in OSHENS makes it lively and delightful, where ever they lie and take up their musical instrument. The dream-pop guitar work (with fab guitar solo) makes it rain, as the dollars pour from the heavens, as they just want to have fun. But unlike Cindi Lauper, these guys know who to make notes their b*tch, and know exactly what to do with their craft beers. They’re our heroes of the moment. Word. Hear new singles every month from the hard working band in 2019.

Michael Berg – Anything For You

‘Anything For You’ starts with a familiar chord progression, reminiscent of fab traditions brought forth by late 90’s and early 00’s indie-rock bands. And that’s where you get hooked. Right away, your anticipation for what’s coming down MICHAEL BERG’s street, you wan to be active and ready for. But it teases and prods at your diaphragm, with Weezer like nihilism in relationships and nonchalant tact on love’s cruelties. Based out of Philadelphia, MB is the artist with a varied interest and an inquisitive attraction for classic garage-rock ballads. An odd but interestingly fun combination, to say the least. The unassuming nature of ‘Anything For You’ keeps it delectable for us, as it fades slowly to a 360 return to where the song had started. Like life sometimes, no?

Love Trap – Another Day Another Sin

Two musicians. Decided to make a project. A collaboration. In April 2018, Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies,LAME) and Marco Spigariol (Vermillion Sands, Krano) decided to do exactly this. Using all their knowledge and skills, they wanted to just strip it to the basics. Small room, 2 chairs, near broken piano, country-star ambitious guitar work, and percussions – ‘Another Day Another Sin’ seems to be a description of how the two thought about things on that recording day. As they stipulated: simple and stripped down. “The songs were on the tip of my mind, I couldn’t quite find the words but knew them already and knew they were there already. Lost undiscovered classics. Small room sound, piano, rotten guitar and organ.” And at the end of the day, the catchy/hooky single has the gumption to stick around in our heads after listening. How rude! Actually, it’s a song that was engineered to please, and its mission goes on the ‘win’ column as the hard to swallow antics, slowly grows on you and your sensibilities.


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