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Meltt // Jesse Barki // The Bad Ten Hours // Tim Carr // Racket Man

Meltt – Love Again

Off of their debut LP ‘Swim Slowly’, ‘Love Again’ is an electronic slip n’ slide into characters of alternate visage and mannerisms in kind. Uncertainly in the after effects of a heartbreak, lingers and hurts indefinitely. Well, at least it feels this way at the time. Lovingly tender approach to the single is a coordinated coup to the manipulation industry of sounds and waves that MELTT has expertly breathe. It’s a slow but definite way of learning and expanding in this world of such confusions. But we get closer to being strong. But we get faster at getting accustomed. Good news is that we’ll all survive. The mystery is to whether we’ll survive and become a tall strand of vapid cynicism. A poignant question at that.

Jesse Barki – Introspective (Acoustic)

Anxiety. JESSE BARKI’s attempts at that frothing consumption of life when he’d been plagued by such mental successions in stress. Over powering. Un-becoming. Resolute. Crumbling. All at the same time, we resist but ultimately become wrapped in the fear of fearing, and of being further scarred. Jesse told himself that it’ll be ‘better’ if that is warranting your fearfulness, can be faced. Head on. Examining why. Analyzing what this thing called anxiety is made of. Then breaking it down, chip by chip. And one day, without expectation, you’re free. You’ve become unshackled.

The Bad Ten Hours – That’s Not How It’s Supposed To Be

Classic early 00’s rock is where THE BAD TEN HOURS’ single ‘That’s Not How It’s Supposed To Be’. Their style is that raw and unpretentious rock presentation. And with such a supporting vocal acumen, the band that was created in 2018, has started to do their ‘own’ thing like they’ve always wanted to do. With little precessional attitude, the electric guitar and lyrically sound single, basks in the sun of loud 90’s shirt-like poignancy and unapologetic rhythms for life and partners. A simple tune that gives off an aroma of grunge decadence and visceral simplicity.

Tim Carr – Green, Sky Blue & Crystalline

“I like when there is a brokenness mixed with a sweet melody”. TIM CARR is the owner of that quote and as you can hear in this single ‘Green, Sky Blue & Crystalline’ you can imagine the thrust of such philosophy for song construction coming to life within Tim. And surely this single is a fabulous continuation to his dedication to that stylistic crafting. Love and relationship is the core of ‘Green, Sky Blue & Crystalline’, but it’s in the interpretational point of the whole that scores a big adoration. The 60’s/70’s romantic pop vibe is nothing but the best in the highlights of such love wrapped deliciously in a tragic but ultimate side effects of such happiness. Nothing blooms forever. Everything becomes one with the Earth at a certain time – in soul and body. Why not recognize that fact and make the best of it. Sweet and tart melodies make Tim’s works so fab.

Racket Man – Front Seat

She left with everything that was worth taking. She didn’t take back the stereo. She didn’t take back the exercise bike. She didn’t take back her books or specialty mugs. But she took the heart that was content and in love with her, and it hurts. Hurts like nothing else. The gang in RACKET MAN sins about this post-breakup situation of a man, a woman, a person who wants to be loved and to love, within this fronting r&b/groove of a single ‘Front Seat’. Arrangements right out of the past’s glories, perfectly framed with the dash of modernism it deserves. RACKET MAN bring the indie-pop and it’s fabulous. Racket Man is Tyler Elwing (Synth, Vox), Chris Seaman (Bass), Vince Silvestro (Drums) and Tommy Marx (Guitar, Vox) – working their magic and magically working to make our small slivers of minutes in a day, a bit more perspectively kinder. Word.


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