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Memoryy – Not Over You

Realizing one’s mortality is part of growing up and growing older in age. It’s what helps us evolve mentally, emotionally, personally, and professionally. That’s what human beings, as part of the animal kingdom, inevitably become and notice. It’s a difficult life to cope with and live.

And in some small sense, song play a great part to alleviate and relate to, for many of us. Memoryy’s “Not Over You”, could be deemed a normal romance song, narrating about another love that fell through the figurative fingers and regret quickly overcoming one’s confidences.

However, we at CHF, decided that it’s a bit more, where life is not over and we’re not over being alive in this fortuitous luck of existing in this current matrix.

We say “fortuitous luck” for depending on the situation we individuals are born in, the perspective can be skewed negatively or positively. In both cases however, always come with difficulties and slants.

Synth/indie pop songs like this helps a bit.

Going up or down the ladder of life, is totally up to us, though.



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