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Mending Shares Emotional ‘Nichols Quarry’. Atmospheric. Epic. Surreal.

MENDING is a collaborative effort between sound artist/musician Joshua Dumas (Weatherman, Quarter Mile Thunder, Chicago Avenue Moon), and vocalist Kate Adams (Deer Theef). And they create the most beautiful combination of sounds and soundscapes, of life yet un-introduced, known, or which we cannot visit yet. The dreamy feel of the atmospheres they create are delectable and juicy.

The single ‘Nichols Quarry’ is part of the first ‘Chapter’ named ‘It All Starts in Odena’. In turn in which this chapter belongs to the 4 hour, 40 song ‘speculative narrative’ called ‘WE GATHERED AT WAKEROBIN HOLLOW’. The 9 chapter will be released over the 18 months.

“…The songs trace the lives of a family and friends over a 40 year period in a series of connected vignettes. The broad narrative, told chronologically from multiple points-of-view, is set in motion by a catastrophic fire at an oil refinery in Odena, Alabama.”

The story follows a handful of characters through emotional rollercoasters, typical family challenges, jobs, etc, where one day, that all changes by climate change, which forces them to come back to Odena and Wakerobin Hollow.

New chapter will be released every two months from August 2018 to January 2020.

‘Nichols Quarry’…”we meet our characters as teenagers, hanging on a summer night, and specifically we get a glimpse of Marsha first examining her sexuality.”

Heavy stuff.



Chapter 01: It All Starts in Odena
Alan at Emma’s Cradle
Black Soot
Alan after the Fire
Emma, Jon and the Bee Sting
Nichols Quarry


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